Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Ways that we minimize our mistakes

Text: Psalm 32.1-7

When you hear the word SIN, what comes to your mind? Do you think that sin still relevant and important nowadays?

Sin is a word that is not commonly used anymore, and it is even considered not important anymore. But the truth is that sin can be understood as “missing the target”. Are you missing the target in any area of your life? Are you struggling with a constant mistake, or missing the point in something that you know you should do? So it is important to fight against sin, and start to hit the target!
I found these six ways of minimizing sin to be a very good way to reflect with the excuses and the way that I deal with sin in my life! Take a moment and examine your fight against sin, the ways you are prone to minimize sin and develop an intentional strategy to renounce them.

1) Defending
I find it difficult to receive feedback about weaknesses or sin. When confronted, my tendency is to explain things away, talk about my successes, or to justify my decisions. As a result, I rarely have conversations about difficult things in my life.

2) Pretending
I strive to keep up appearances, maintain a respectable image. My behaviour, to some degree, is driven by what I think others think of me. I also do not like to think reflectively about my life. As a result, not very many people know the real me (I may not even know the real me).

3) Hiding
I tend to conceal as much as I can about my life, especially the “bad stuff”. This is different than pretending in that pretending is about impressing. Hiding is more about shame. I don’t think people will accept the real me.

4) Blaming
I am quick to blame others for sin or circumstances. I have a difficult time “owning” my contributions to sin or conflict. There is an element of pride that assumes it’s not my fault AND/OR an element of fear of rejection if it is my fault.

5) Minimizing
I tend to downplay sin or circumstances in my life as if they are “normal” or “not that bad. As a result, things often don’t get the attention they deserve and have a way of mounting up to the point of being overwhelming.

6) Exaggerating
I tend to think (and talk) more highly of myself than I ought to. I make things (good and bad) out to be much bigger than they are (usually to get attention). As a result, things often get more attention than they deserve, and have a way of making me stressed or anxious.

Conclusion: Would you like to start to deal with sin in the most appropriated way? So recognize, confess and start to live in a way that God has for you!!! It is possible to hit the target, and Jesus wants to help us with this process. Would you like that? 

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