Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Keep the fire burning

Text: Leviticus 6.8-13

I don’t know about you, but for me to start a diet or daily exercises is a lot easier than to keep it for 2 or 3 months! In my life, I never said: that’s it! I will stop the exercise now and I will put some weight and be out of shape, but all that happens as a consequence of the act of stopping to do what I started as a goal. Unfortunately, the same thing happens with other areas of our lives.
Imagine yourself for a second like if you were Moses. Imagine that God is giving you all the instructions about the offerings that should happen in the tabernacle, but then God makes a pause and reaffirms that they need to put wood on the fire and never let the fire out.
God is saying the same thing about our lives today, don’t allow the fire to go out. And if you want to keep the fire of God high inside of you, you must understand that:

1)   The fire won’t light up by itself
The first law of Newton in physics is that an object in rest will stay in rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it”. This is also true in our spiritual life, everything will stay in the way that is now unless we start to do something!
We are responsible to start the fire, RECOGNITION is just the first step.

 2) You must keep the altar burning! Put fresh wood every day!
  God gave an order to Moses, every morning, if you want to keep the fire, you must to put the fresh wood on it!
   To keep the fire (passion) for God, the presence of God to move us we need to put wood every day! The wood is our prayers, our reading, our worship, our time with Him and around Him.
   The bible says, not just wood, but fresh wood, because we cannot do that with a religiosity, we must to put fresh things in front of the Lord! Don’t offer the old, offer everything!

3) Fire from yesterday was good yesterday; today you need a fresh wood
A mistake that the people of God normally do is to think the fire of yesterday will keep today! That is impossible, is not because you ate yesterday that you don’t need today!
Your time, experience, gifts, works and everything that you did yesterday was good for yesterday, today is a new day with Him and is a new opportunity to allowed God to be glorified through you!
Today is a time to put a fresh wood, to start again is necessary is, but do not allow the fire of God to go out in our life.

4) There is no fire in the empty altar
It is very important that we keep the fire burning, and that we seek to see what God has for us. However, it is important to notice that the fire would only be lighted on the altar if a sacrifice was placed there.
What are you offering to the Lord? Is it acceptable to the Lord, or is just what is left?
God wants our heart, and that is non-negotiable!

I don’t know how is your life today, if the fire of the Holy Spirit is going out, or it is already finished or even if is growing each day a bit more. But I know that God brought you here today because He wants to put a new fire inside of you! It is time to be in love (relationship) with God again! Is a new time in our lives, do you want that? 

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