Thursday, April 4, 2019

Be the Change that you want to see

Last night I had a very short time of good sleep, and when I woke up in the middle of the night I was being bombarded with thoughts about all the things that are not as perfect as I would like to see at the moment.

As a full-time pastor leading a church I am used to critics to the local church, the wider church, to individuals and families and even to the country where people are at the moment.

In a sense that is part of the process to seek a future that is different from their present, however complaining and critics are becoming an addiction in the present age. People complain and complain about everything and everyone but not in a way to respond and address issues, or even in a way to volunteer to work the problem out. Many times people complain only to criticize and point the finger to others and to justify misbehaviours and lack of commitment from their part.

Part of the problem is a culture of consumption where people are transformed in consumers of church products. It is almost like a  religious “drive through” where people go to church to be satisfied and receive the “things” that they want in a way and time that suits them. That generates a generation without the commitment that changes the focus of worshipping God and personal service to “I go where doesn’t cost me anything and to receive what I want (and makes me feel good) when I want”. The order is a costless and convenient gospel!

The problem with that is that this is no GOSPEL! No the good news of Jesus that invite people that have discovered “The abundant life” that only Jesus gives to commit to Jesus and to serve Him.

We are called to serve and to commit to God and that is expressed in our service and commitment to a local church. We can choose which church that will be (preferably choose in prayer and talking to Jesus), but what we cannot choose is the fact that we are not consumers but we should be part of it! 
Part of a church is to commit and serve, working to change a culture and transform everything, and let me tell – that will cost – but it is priceless to see the results.

So last night in the middle of all these thoughts God gave me a clear message – “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE”.

That makes the whole difference because when we are called to be part of a local community and we would like to see a different worship or children’s ministry, a different time or even a different relationship among people – a place where everybody where connected and friendship flourish (just to name few points) we are called to be those changes that we want to see in our community.

How releasing is that!
I can be the difference and I can be the force used by God to heal and transform my church and the whole community where I am placed. So we don’t need to change churches, what we need is to change our attitude and commit to building places that glorify God and changes lives.

So let’s volunteer to help where we see that changed is needed, let’s invite someone that is different from us to break the “group mentality” and let’s build a place that glorifies God and that is so awesome to be that everybody would like to be part.

Let’s be the change that is needed!!!!! 

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