Saturday, February 2, 2019

Book Recommendation for church planters

1)   Ed Stetzer, Planting Missional Churches (B&H Academic, 2006). A very good and practical book that focus both the planting and the planter at the same work.

2)   Mark Dever, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Crossway, 2013). This book talks about the clarity of vision and purpose in planting a church. Church Planting without planning and a good ecclesiology will more often than not result in a disaster.

3)   Stuart Murray, Planting Churches in the 21st Century  (Herald      Press (May 25, 2010). The book answers the most important questions about church planting: Where, Why, What, When and who!

4)   Christopher B. James, Church Planting in Post-Christians Soil: Theology and Practice (Oxford University Press; 1 edition, December 2017). This book shares stories of renovation and transformation in a post-Christians context. It does it with a theological and ecclesiological base as well.

5)   Ralph Moore, Starting a New Church (Baker, 2002). The best part of the book is when it shows the importance of ecclesiological flexibility along with practical steps that every church can do in order to influence a culture.

6)   Harvie Conn, Urban Ministry (InterVarsity, 2010). Approaches urban church planting and help those leaders who need a robust understanding of contextualization in a changing cultural landscape.

7)   Tim Keller, Center Church (Zondervan, 2012). This book engages a wide range of important questions that every church planting must to ask and hopefully know during the process to plant a church. The book approaches various things from theology, preaching, revival cultural engagement and many things between.

8)   John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad (Baker Academic, 2010). This book helps church planters to have a good root where there are, but to understand that God wants to save the whole world, and every church planting is part of that. Missions are in the DNA of every church.

9)    David W. Shenk & Ervin R. Stutzman, Creating Communities of the Kingdom: New Testament models of church planting (Herald press, 1998). This book helps to understand church planting in a new testament way. Practical but very challenging.

10)                  Michael W. Goheen, The Church and its Vocation (Baker Academic [6 Nov. 2018]). This academic work helps with amazing inputs of how to translate our ecclesiology to a new postmodern generation.

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