Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Our Call

Our Call
Text: John 15.1-8 & Mat 28.16-20

If we Google “purpose of life” we will find 883,000,000 results! We can find a lot of people trying to teach about the real meaning of life, and why we are here in this world.  We can see and find many things around us, but the real meaning of our lives is to know the Lord and make Him known to everyone in the world.  As Bishop Joao Carlos always said: “His last commandment, our first priority”. To learn more about our calling and purpose in life we need to understand:

1) What is the fruit that John 15 is talking about?
In Chapter 15 of the Gospel of John, we find 7 times the word “fruit” in 8 verses.  The word fruit in this text is the Greek word “Karpos” that means literally posterity (descendants).  We are called to be fruitful, or in other words, we are called to win souls for Jesus.  That is our purpose here on this earth.
The Bible goes even further when it says, “this is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit…”.  Do you want to glorify God in your life, bear much fruit (a lot of souls) and bring many souls and lives to Jesus?  Go and make disciples!

2) The fruit reveals Christian maturity
We need to understand that what reveals our maturity (as Christians) is not our gifts or the time spent in the church, or even what we do (works) for the Lord.  What really reveals the maturity in our lives is fruit.  The passage that calls my attention to this is: “if a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit”.  It is impossible to be with the Lord and not have any fruit to glorify our God.  The Lord gave you a talent; your life is a talent.  What do you have to present to Him?

3) The Lord is calling us to be His disciples
Do you want to be a disciple of Christ? In verse 8 the Bible says when we bear fruit we show ourselves as disciples of Jesus.  We need to remember that “apart from me you can do nothing” (verse 6).  He is calling us tonight to ask Him to come and change us, and to help us to be His disciples; disciples that make disciples, and spread the name and glory of our Lord Jesus through the entire world.
This is our call, and God calls us tonight to understand His purpose in our lives.

God created us with a purpose; to know Him as our Father, our Lord and God. He is calling us tonight to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him, and to decide to live with the purpose of spreading his name and knowledge to the entire world, making disciples of all nations. You are not an accident; you were created to be His image and likeness here on this earth. Do you want to live for this purpose? Let’s pray

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