Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Thank you RAVI!


Today I found that my good and old friend apologist and ministry leader Ravi Zacharias doesn't have much time left on this earth.

Honestly, we haven't met in person. And I have never had the opportunity to have attended one of his live debates or services. However, that doesn't make him less of a good and old friend.

Receiving the news that the doctors have sent him home and have done all that they can. Broke my heart. I know that we haven't met, but did I tell you that he is my good old friend, Right? so let me explain.

I met Ravi (as friends I will call him by his first name) 15 years ago on a trip that I made to Switzerland to preach. I was a young minister that needed an honest and wise friend to share my doubts and questions with. On that trip, I drove two days straight and I heard around 15 hours of his messages, podcasts and other materials. And I can say that I was blessed on a deep level. A friendship and student-teacher relationship was formed.

Ravi became the person that I go to when I have doubts, or when I want to know more about a theme or issue. I had many mental debates with him and his ideas and my ministry and family life were profoundly shaped by his life and ministry.

Thinking about the news that the doctors have no treatment to offer and that his time might be ending on this earth. I cannot stop thinking that there is no more appropriate way for Ravi to be promoted to heaven. He is leaving the doctors without answer, people quiet and then We can hear his voice reminding us Jesus is the way, the truth, and eternal life.

My good and old friend that I have never met, you blessed me beyond words.

Thank you, and I will see you soon (in this life or in heaven).

Your friend, Luiz

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