Tuesday, February 18, 2020

God's workmanship (Connect Group 01)

Connect Group 01 
Text: For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2.10

Icebreaker: Could you share a moment in your life when you got disappointed because you did something wrong or you didn’t do something as well as you could have done?  
I remember my first service on the island of Guernsey when I remembered Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD”, but because I was nervous and my English wasn’t the best, I said: If you have breast Praise the Lord”. You can imagine that no one responded, and those who did were laughing a lot - and I had no idea what I had done!  Situations like this made me want to give up and to complain to God that He had chosen the wrong person for the job. In one moment I even said: God I could speak and communicate better in Brazil, why did you bring me here, they have better people here”. God responded, I never used you in Brazil because of your Portuguese, I used you because I wanted to and you were open”. Then I was reminded of this text that says that we are the fruit of Gods hands. So today, there are few truths that God wants to speak to us:

1) God made you (Yes you).
God made you, and that means that you (and I) are not a mistake. You are part of Gods plans - and all His plans are perfect.

That also means that He made you to be you! Of course, we can, and we should, become more and more close to Jesus. In this process, the old bad habits will go, and the new will come. But we dont need to be someone else to try to impress God or anyone else.

God made you because only you, with His power, can help to do something specific that will help to transform the world. You are like a piece of lego that finishes the wall, and if you are missing the wall will never be completed.

2) God made you for good works.
Just imagine for a second that God - the most powerful being in the whole universe made you for good works. He made you for works that will help the world to see Him.

God made us to have abundant life and not just to survive; that is only possible when we understand that we were made for more of God, and not more of stuff”, as many people believe.

This is also valid when we are about to do Gods work. Sometimes I look and think, God I need this or that gift to do your work better. Although I agree that we all can improve, we need to remember that God is enough, and His will is what is the best for us and through us.

3) What you do matters.
Because we are the product of Gods hands, and because His will is to bless the world, we can say that we are Gods instruments to reach and transform the world.

Remember that you matter and whatever you do matters to God. So you are not just working and having your normal life’, you are an agent of miracles and transformation in that place. Remember Christ in you is the hope of Glory.

Conclusion: I came across this phrase recently: When the power of my shame encountered the power of Your grace, You reminded me of who I am and that you made me”.
So GO and be blessed and be a blessing – because that is how God made you to be.

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